100% Income Tax Free Donation

Income of and/or contribution to State Samvibhajan Party as registered under Section 29-A of Representation of People Act 1951 are exempt under Section 13-A and 80GGB/ 80GGC respectively. For this purpose, no registration/certification is required under IT Act 1961. only registration number issued by Election Commission of India and PAN allotted by Income Tax Department are the only two documents which enable a registered political party to collect contributions. Details as follows:-


Regd No:56/110/2016-17/PPS-1

As per Indian Income Tax Act, 

  1. Any Indian company is allowed to pay the donation to State Samvibhajan Party.
  2. Any person except local authority and an artificial juridical person who is funded by government, wholly or partly.
  3. Only upto Rs.2000 payment must be made in cash. Above Rs.2000 the payment can be made by cheque/draft/pay order/direct or online transfer in account of State Samvibhajan Party.
  4. There is no limit of payment, made to State Samvibhajan Party.
  5. 100% deduction is allowed from the income of the assessee in respect of the donation made to State Samvibhajan Party.

Only Indian Citizen or NRI can donate

 Online Donations through all Credit and  Debits or online payments

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